vulnerability, lifted

vulnerability, lifted

vulnerability, lifted

Installation, UF-print, silicone, fabric, clay, organic elements, mixed media

Between form’s adoption and annihilation
 knowledge is dialectical
  sensation melts at the edges of eyes
  and this trap is named viscosity.
What is given is impalpable,
  is hidden will remain hidden. 
The thrill of anticipation will hide in thin air.
And once again, ending in viscosity  

  — hold and keep detachment

The installation comprises a dimly lit area, building on the idea of mystical and atmospheric spaces. The flooring is done with fitted carpeting, which serves to better ground the viewer within the installation. The room is lit with a cold outerspace vibe to promote concentration and close examination. Some objects you encounter invite communication: to smell, to carefully touch, to observe, to be near.

One part of the project will be the artist’s performance-workshop, dedicated to the living through psychological and sensory experience. The workshop is structured as a performance lecture. During the workshop, it is proposed to try out several meditative and bodily techniques, the purpose of which is to try to allocate resources between experiencing fatigue and letting go of the usual patterns of movement and thinking. These practices can (but are not required to) bring the participant into the world of his consciousness and psyche, where both can see the common breath flowing over the space of admissibility.

Kristina Romanova, Nail Farkhatdinov

All-Russia Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art