eupsychia, 2017
installation: steel, wood, printing on fabric, ecological caoutchouc

Eupsychia Space combines elements of Eastern practices aimed at achieving samadhi and attributes of the material culture, focused on issues of existence in anthropogenesis.The relationship between body and space comes to a new level today.The outer shell is transformed into a tool that helps to connect with a new reality.

Eupsychia was created with actual problems in mind: redistributing the flow of information, neutralizingundesirable ideological attitudes and blocking standardized perceptions of the world.
The installation includes two objects. A modern simulator helps to do deep yoga asanas due to an additional angle.The simulator is made of steel and covered with a mat of eco-friendly rubber.A costume made of linen, cotton, and synthetic mesh.The elements of the suit are made of a grid.Thesymbols used in the drawings on the floor, suit and rug for yoga refer to different spiritual traditions.

* Eu — greece. good, absolutely, right ** Psychia — greece. soul, spirit, breath

Winzavod, 2017

Photo by Vassily Sumin.